“Shannon is easily the most understanding, engaging and committed IT Professional that I have worked with during my career. She has an uncanny ability to simply describe, discuss, coordinate and troubleshoot the complex world of website development; and she has truly first class Project Management skills. She takes her time to understand her clients’ needs in order to deliver true value for money, consistently high customer service and an outstanding end product. I am still working with Shannon and will continue to recommend her superlative work to others in any healthcare sector.”
— Graham Whiteside, Vice President of Business Development at B-Line Medical

Success & Business Coaching

“I initially came to Shannon for help with my business financials, but within the first session I realized that the improvements I was looking for ran much deeper into other areas of my life. She helped me to get clear on some important personal, business, and educational goals, and during the last six months I have seen them all come to fruition. Shannon brings an exceptionally diverse skill set to her holistic approach to coaching which examines the root sources of thought and behavior patterns and addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of her clients.

She has been a wonderful sounding board, providing positive feedback and encouragement as well as offering practical exercises, advice, and ideas to help with the issues at hand. Working with Shannon has been a very positive experience, and I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs a little support and direction to achieve their goals.”
— Dawn Tanis, Owner, Sunrise Healing Arts

Web Project Management & Consulting

“Shannon James was an invaluable partner who led our university methodically and successfully through a total website redesign: Sharing extensive knowledge of technology. Defining IT and marketing roles to help create a strong team dynamic. Developing architecture that tested exceptionally well with end users. Mentoring our team through the process of working with campus content owners to launch more than 170 sections within the site. And all with a calm, confident demeanor. Without question, she is one of the most thorough and knowledgeable professionals I have had the pleasure of working with.”
— Brenda Forbis, Director of Marketing, Armstrong State University

Higher Education: Web Project Management & Consulting

“Our university website would never have launched on time and to spec without Shannon’s leadership.”
— Andy T. Clark, Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing & Communications, Valdosta State University

Success & Business Coaching

I reached out to Shannon as my small and fast-growing consultancy was reaching the point where we needed to shift from startup to established practice. While the business side of that transition is well documented, I really wanted an external party to help me, personally, shift my role and my thinking.

Shannon provided an excellent sounding board and reflection of what my peers in similar situations have grappled with. She worked with me to identify the goals I was struggling to articulate around my changing role in the company, and helped me clarify entrenched habits or fears that were limiting my ability to see and address real obstacles. She provided me with a toolkit that I found myself referring to repeatedly while making decisions between our sessions; a new way of thinking about my daily tasks to help create immediate small changes that build toward a larger and more lasting pivot, in alignment with the health of the company and my own needs and goals.

None of this could have happened effectively without the framework and pragmatic guidance Shannon offers, and the skill she has in crafting solutions that worked for me. She listened and really heard what I was expressing, and worked with me to find exercises and mindsets that were easy for me to adopt because they resonate with who I am as a person and how I work.

Working with Shannon has helped me gain clarity not only on personal and professional priorities - but to act on that by putting more of my time and focus toward those activities that support those highest priorities - as well as my team and my company’s goals. I strongly recommend her services to anyone needing a shift - whether you want to get clearer on your own priorities in the face of change or need to shift so you get more done of what really needs doing - and find more balance! She’s been there and done it and is an excellent guide for those of us needing a little support and direction for the same.

I’ve worked with Shannon for many years and it’s always a pleasure. The professional coaching is a natural extension of the passion, energy, and focus Shannon brings to all of her work and I’m looking forward to engaging with her again as I grow and change professionally.
— Jennifer Taylor, COO, 501 Partners

Web Project Management & Consulting

“Shannon’s reliability, consistency and attention to detail are as impressive as they are effective. She is extremely knowledgeable and very thorough when it comes to research and project documentation.

Shannon is one of the best project managers I’ve had the pleasure of working with and I highly recommend her not only for her technical expertise, but also her understanding of the power of design and how it can be integrated with web technology to improve the end user experience.”
— Susan Isaacs, Head Strategic Focus-izer, Paragon Design Group

Higher Education: Website Project Management & Product Development

“Armstrong hired Shannon to guide the re-invention of the university website and I worked with the IT team that was part of the implementation. Shannon is an excellent project manager - organized, detailed, goal-focused, dedicated - but she brings much more than that to her work. At Armstrong, she worked in real partnership with the web team and was incredibly committed to finding excellent solutions while working within the organization’s constraints. She excels at finding strengths on a team and using those to help design and implement a successful project.

I can’t say enough good things about working with Shannon. Her integrity shines through all of her work. I would recommend her without hesitation.”
— Jennifer Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, 501 Partners

Higher Education: Website Project Management & Product Development

“I had the pleasure of working with Shannon James on the Cal Poly Pomona University website responsive redesign. It was not my first time working on such a large project, however it was my first time working with Shannon, and I have to say that working with Shannon made all the difference in the world. She is extremely skilled at what she does and is able to take a complex problem and simplify it into a series of digestible tasks and milestones, which made the entire process run smoother than I could have possibly imagined. If that wasn’t enough, Shannon also has a very pleasant demeanor and is enjoyable to be around. I feel so fortunate to have worked with Shannon and I look forward to working with her on many more projects.”
— Nancy Rizk, Owner, Blue Oxygen Design Studio

eCommerce & Website Project Management, Product Development

“Working with Shannon is a great pleasure. Her ability to organize and execute on projects large and small is outstanding. Shannon’s experience makes her an incredible asset to any project. She brings much more than just project management to the table. Her ability to take complex processes and requirements and break them down to clear and obtainable goals is invaluable. Working with Shannon is always enjoyable and always produces an excellent end result. “
— Erik Reagan, Co-Founder, FocusLab

Software Vendor Selection & Management

“ Shannon was one of the best investments Oddpodz has made. Her knowledge and genuine interest in our success makes her a solid partner in the technology sector. We engaged Shannon to develop an RFP to procure a team of technology service providers. The expertise she contributed saved us both time and money. I highly recommend Shannon for any IT project management or advisory needs.”
— Karen Post, CEO, Oddpodz